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>> so far, for developing story, the gas line explosion. and with the severity of the damage, some are still not able to return to their homes. with four deaths, and the fund said by pg&e of $100 million. meanwhile, the 28 section of pipe of a distance of 100 ft. from underground onto the street. this is a video that
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was affected, and is being packed up early this morning. this is a kinship to washington d.c. for further review. it is difficult to find out if the corrosion, or exactly what this was. and pg&e is directed to inspect all of the lines and christine as that section of the story. >> that is correct, we're just a few blocks away from what this section here, you can see a lot of workers there. that is towards the crater that was created from the blast. to the right, you can see the workers still working on the rubble from holmes left behind. while this investigation continues, pg&e is inadvised and required to inspect all of their pipeline. let me roll you this video and you can see this giant pipe. before investigators removed this that this section
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of the pipeline was inspected for corrosion in the month of november. most recently, for leaks in the month of march. this is what pg&e had hay to say. >> what we use is equipment that in essence detects the presence of gas on the line. so that is what we mean by a gas leak and it is literally walked by an employee with equipment. again, looking for the presence of gas and accessible locations. we will use the air patrol to look for the indications. and now with the findings, or across that line for that as part of the ntsb investigation. and i cannot share of that particular finding. >> now, you can see what pg&e is asked to required to do and with high priority to high-pressure pipelines, and high populated areas like san bruno. also, to
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preserve all records from the explosion and to report a much money they are spending on safety/replacement of pipelines. three different transmission lines, and this down the peninsula, one of these is up the pressure on these lines to the peninsula has been reduced by 10 percent. we asked pg&e what exactly they are going to do and what is the plan for this inspection. they said they cannot reveal that, and they're putting together that plan together as we speak. >> state regulators have ordered pg&e to einspect all of their gas lines to california. and we have this map. and it is important to know that not all of these are high-pressure lines like the one that exploded and san bruno on thursday. you can see major gas lines run to the bay area. san francisco, daly
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city, the entire peninsula to san bruno. all of these lines left be inspected by pg&e. we ask pg&e for a map of their high pressure gas lines and yet to return a call. >> as we said today, pg&e m release a multimillion-dollar relief fund for san bruno. and the wake of last week's explosion. haaziq madyun and pg&e made one big promise connected to the large sum of money that is offering. >> no strings connected to $100 billion of the side for the city of san bruno and his residence, revealed. according to pg president. chris johns. >> with those funds, no strings, and a way, shape, form. we will not be asking them, and we will not ask them to sign any releases, when except that part of this fund. will be in immediate financial resources that will be available in the end of this week.
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>> with a generally 50-20, 50,000, generally based on the amount of damage that occurred. per household and it is part of the 100 and in dollars set aside. >> he said that the will also be helped with limited insurance coverage. >> some people do not have the ability to pay the deductible or if the insurance is not enough or if they do not have insurance? this fund will be there to help provide for that. >> and in san bruno for haaziq madyun >> a meeting in san bruno and for residents who lost their homes are not still able to gain entry on sunday. and a pair of brothers who lost their home on thursday. >> with jackie spear, pg&e, city officials, for people's homes that were destroyed, damaged during the thursday explosion. the purpose of this meeting to
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inform residents when, if they can return to their homes to get belongings and to assess the damage of their property. ed lost his home on thursday and was a scorched by the fact like this was taking place. -and courage. >> we want to just work as a team. it is a dark cloud over us. and if we just stick together, there's a dark cloud over san bruno. we will be stronger, a better city, a bitter town. >> and then his brother spoke about the city's efforts to help. -a better tone. >> the city is doing a tremendous amount. we are not a big community. however, for what they are going for us and we understand that this is some anger. some people of lost, family members. we are just basically, now just getting our bearing. and trying to understand what happened.
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>> and the san bruno, dave we're learning more about the victim's including this mother and daughter. jaqueling greig and janessa are chronically, she was part of the survey team for pg&e. and st. cecilia school student body president is which jevessia also, jessica morales was getting ready to watch a football game on television. this is a photo of both of them, and also he survived but badly burned. and he tried desperately to save jessica but could not. he is 19 year-old joe gomez, a student as
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skyline college and is in a hospital. critical condition. the fourth has yet to be identified. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage. you can also go to our website. whip special section for more information. still ahead, new video of the first seconds of the explosion. fed >> a look at our current conditions is a little cooler today with the weak storm passes us to the north. we will see some warming over the next couple of days, details coming up in just a few minutes.
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the satellite showing some patchy fog along the coastline that will change, overnight. that fog will be more uniform and, in overnight. and a bit warmer tomorrow afternoon with more sunshine and warmer air building and. as we go for the rest of the week, temperatures up-down, and a chance of the forecast. and the font fog tracker, making that some inland at 6:00 a.m. all along the delta, the in unbalancing some fog, patchy fog in the santa clara. -we are seeing some fog along the delta and a leader, hugging the coast line all day. but t and it will be wr all day, but and as we take a look of the extended forecast, low 70's, through tuesday. friday and saturday, temperatures will go back down as a chance of showers. perhaps it will go into the tip of
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alaska and it might hit us. we will keep you posted as it gets closer. >> web producer, kimberly sakamoto has some new pictures, video of the san bruno explosion. these came in from our viewers. >> that is right, these images are continuing to pour website and you can see that from your cough blake gillis the huge plumes of black smoke and in other vantage point that he shot the huge fireball off in the distance. people standing above on a hilltop wondered what is going on. this was from robert. >> and his an air mechanic for united, and during sfo at work. and this was from walter mcafee he is on the building of his home. in the building, you can hear what is going on, please rush? he is also on the phone with his wife telling her not
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to come home. >> that giant huge explosions, the real scary. and we are still taking your pictures, videos and right after the break. some surveillance video shot at the time of the explosions.
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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♪ >> back toward developing story on the san bruno gas explosion. with new surveillance video is showing the explosion as it happens, and rob fladeboe has that video. >> this gas station is on the corner of san bruno ave and glenview strike. this security camera captured the initial explosion and fire, chaos that followed. watch what happens in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. no audio. however, you can see the debris for some split second and then the five air people get into the
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cars, route and the woman is carrying a child. within one minute, the first police car and and a number of people on foyt. they are seeing go towards the fire, to go for their homes, or to help. fire trucks, more police cars in the next 10 minutes. glenview drive is shut down. this continues for several minutes until the power was cut. this tape also shows how this man, although everybody was scrambling for safety. he no doubt were the johns might san bruno ave towards the gas station. he stays to finish gassing up and keeping one eye on the fire as he does so. in the san bruno, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> also look of this surveillance video to in the first moment of the gas pipeline exploded on thursday. this was taken at the market. this is not far from where the explosion, happened. people scurried about, running towards the door, and
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people are ducking for cover. here is another man running to get out of the door not sure what is going on or what caused the explosion. there, a man falls, slides, and to try to escape not knowing what they're running from. hearing that large noise, and apparently seeing the flames, the smoke rising into the sky. as for all watched with dismay on thursday evening when this was unfolding. stay with kron 4 with continuing coverage of the gas line explosion. you can also had two or zero website. there, with a special section with more information including pictures and links on how to help the victims of this explosion. ♪ >> and world news is been such a frustrating, confusing few days for sarah shore being held in iran. authorities keep saying that there will release her but there is always a catch. now that she will be let go 15 and a thousand bail is handed over.
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some say that is really amounting to iran some. -50,000. --and they're having to buckle their raising the cash and they're particularly worried that she has a lump on her breast. she badly needs medical attention. >> people in northeastern thailand have been hit with a flash flood. there were just amazed to watch the road washed away before their eyes. they kept their distance as it continued to follow. no injuries. this is being played out in other areas of thailand as flood or damaging roads and homes. >> and eastern venezuelan plane crash a better idea of where it went down. at least 14 people have been killed and four others, missing. some of the survivors are not looking out the window and saw the plane flying clvery low. it had been taken off from margarita island, a caribbean, a tourist destination. pamela?, a
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programming note to tell you about nbc will air it. the giants game, and kron will let nbc programming. you can catch the season premiere of the apprentice. that will be followed by a special edition of kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m.
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but dow jones was up 81 points and rob black? >> from glum and the tomb to glum end up pouring. and we were talking about the double dip recession and now the speaking has are talking out and it is not quick to be a double r recession or, happy days. is gloom and boring. >> and warren buffett said not a double that and what was the reasoning? >> he owns a lot of companies. he has been saying that they been hiring a less two-2.5 months. most analysts are saying to say the same thing to grab
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headlines. and with the gop grove, one-1.5, and on the goldilocks level? it is on the cold side, not how, cannot cold. the wal-mart has the first so- called plan! >> yes, $45 per month, and additional for one person, $25. >> right now, i pay $120. and when wal-mart bringing up competition, and bringing down prices. that is what you want to see, with only four phones, and no data. >> no texting. kavanaugh video. pala correct. >> very little. and although soft- >> no video. >> that is correct, it is your little interaction but in the end, that is good so people can pay less. >> it would be nice to hear that ourself on prices could be going down. >> maybe yours? >> pala, and a few e-mails, this
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is from richard. and if this... schumer >> the exact opposite, when he was a big name they had to pay $500 million for five years. the, they could a big talent, you, me, to get more talent, not as big. but still good enrollment in brand of cars, better than it did a couple of years ago. and perhaps leaving? it could be good for serious it hard stern leaves. >> and about this? >> well. still doing big business. with the market update tomorrow after the market closes. they're kind of big, they're kind of important. a lot of these tech companies have been acquiring companies for a premium. short-term? too much. long term, helping their business model. cisco will be
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switching their market mixture and the competition will eat away in 2012 we are is hesitant, because of cash! and i think our trade stock from this day, because the object of tons of cash i scene upside. and i was watching lathing the head off because on this you tube on my phone and that is of these tech guys do. for you to be able to watch you tube in bed. >> and it is a much easier. >> wireless is going to be vague. >> and if you like to send rob and e-mail?---pick wireless continue to be big. e-mail at
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